Small Dick Humiliation

Guy with tiny dick trying to fuck black girl

I thought this video was funny and sad at the same time.  A cute black girl (or is she Latina?) tries to fuck a big fat guy cowgirl style, but fails miserably because his tiny dick keeps slipping out of her pussy.  After a few failed attempts she begins to get frustrated and starts to verbally abuse him.   It was at this point I realized why the guy is obese.  How can he be expected to get motivated about anything when his dick is so tiny.  What's the point?  Poor bastard.

Three women laugh at Chinese delivery guy and his small penis

Three horny British sluts are having a girls night in, drinking some wine, when the delivery guy shows up with their dinner.   They're slightly drunk, and horny, so decide to invite him inside for some fun..  But when they pull down his underwear and get an eyeful of his baby penis, they can't help but laugh in his face.  What we have here is a case of small dick humiliation.  I hate to see it happen, but at the same time, it's like a trainwreck; you can't look away.  Sadly the women can't get over the size of his small penis, so there will be no fourway action for Mr. Delivery Guy.  But it's not an entirely depressing story, for while the girls were playing with his tiny penis, he managed to shoot off a load.  So there was a happy ending after all.

Kat sucks the minions tiny dick

In this case I'd say it's the girl who is humiliated, not the guy.  But I guess that's the price you pay if you wanna become a pornstar.  You gotta do some nasty shit, such as gagging on The Minion's small dick.